∼Cloud Nine∼ Musical Instruments

Hammered Dulcimers

∼Cloud Nine∼ Musical Instruments builds hammered dulcimers in many different models. These models can be broken down into two groups: Standard models and Chromatic models.

Tan marimbula with tripal spiral soundholes on blue background

All models share these features: solid, quartersawn floating soundboards made of true tonewoods such as Sitka Spruce and Western Red Cedar; 10-ply Rock Maple piano pinplank pinblocks; and matched solid hardwood exterior trim. In addition, all models come complete with hammers, a tuning wrench and a tuning chart.

∼Cloud Nine∼ hammered dulcimers may be custom-ordered, allowing the buyer to participate in the design proccess by choosing many possible options. Bridges may be made from maple, walnut or cardinal wood. Trim can be: cherry, walnut, birdseye maple, or curly maple. Soundboard options include western red cedar and sitka spruce. Three unique soundhole rosette designs are available: flower, heart & star, and triple spiral.

For detailed information about each of the models, please explore these links: