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The 16/16 Model

The 16/16 model is a step beyond the 15/14 standard model. This model plays in the keys of D, G, C, F, and A Major as well as relative minor keys.

Brown 16/16 model marimbula with tripal spiral soundholes on forest background

Compared to a 15/14, the 16/16 includes extra high courses on both treble and bass bridges tuned for added chromatic capablity (D#/G# on treble and D# on bass) and an extra low bass course, tuned to A. These additional courses allow more chromatic flexibility in the high range, adding the key of A major.

The 16/16 model offers an ideal compromise between the 15/14 standard model and the extended, fully chromatic range of the 17/16/8. This model measures 45.5" along the long rail, 19" perpendicularly and is 4.25" deep. It weighs 17 pounds.

All 16/16 hammered dulcimers include double-sided hammers, tuning wrench, tuning chart, and lifetime structural warranty.

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